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safe1754611 artist:limedazzle540 luster dawn1662 twilight sparkle306623 alicorn233523 pony1014197 unicorn343908 absurd resolution67056 crown18024 cute206167 cutie mark49899 ethereal mane8505 female1405291 filly69868 filly luster dawn44 hoof shoes5796 jewelry68715 mare503870 older27894 older twilight1887 regalia21225 show accurate17083 simple background410447 smiling262297 starry mane4576 transparent background209419 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126363 younger17808


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Background Pony #69E4
Twilight: Good work my dear student, You know, you remind of me when i be still a unicorn and be student of Celestia!  
Luster: Oh really? Oh how is be your student?  
Twilight: Wonderful, she be not only a teacher but she be a mother figure too!  
Luster: What is a mother figure is somepony you see like a mother but is not your mother and is somepony you get support her!  
Luster: Like You?  
Twilight: Yes but do not forget who is your mother like I never forget who is my mother!  
Luster: Of course, I love my mother, we love flying Kite together!  
Twilight: Hi hi hi, Yes your mother do love Flying Kite, do you see her collection of Kite?  
Luster: Yes, last time i make flying a Kite who be look as your cutie mark and Mother a make Fly one who look her Cutie mark, OH next time mother will have finish the one will be my cutie mark, Oh do want come to flying kite?  
Twilight: Yes is be long time, I will look for some free time so we can have fun all together.. You know what, maybe we should take all your classmate, I am sure them too will love so!  
Luster: What make you think this Princess?(Twilight point her back and Luster see her classmate’s spying)Oh!? eh guys do want come flying Kite with the Princess and my Mother the headmare of the school of friendship?  
Classmate’s: YES!  
Twilight: Ha ha ha, so is set, all We need is tell your parents we all go to Pony Ville!  
everypony be happy  
Twilight: Now excuse me, I have some duty to finish, Bye!(Twilight teleport)  
Luster: Wow, Princess Twilight amazing right everypony?  
Classmate’s: Yeah!
Background Pony #58F6
before Twilight be the size of Celestia, Luster dawn can be lucky to see a alicorn grow up in her time she grow up!
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