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(Twilight): Honestly, taking care of him is not that bad and it’s probably just a common cold anyway. I can handle it…
As for the doctor, Ms Vial is a pediatrician who took care of Spike when he was a hatchling. Still, she only knows how to help when his symptoms and response to treatment roughly match that of a foal (they often do).

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safe1576307 artist:mamatwilightsparkle277 smarty pants1471 spike74872 twilight sparkle282852 dragon48220 pony846336 unicorn266506 baby9018 baby spike665 bed36335 blanket4706 book30669 clothes409349 cold863 comic101503 cough28 mama twilight sparkle232 monochrome147948 nose blowing115 pajamas2967 runny nose95 sick1690 tumblr35527 younger15707


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Background Pony #E895
Background Pony Number 17, tat snot came out of Spike's nose when he was sick.