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Cadence doesn't look too happy for what Celestia and Luna have planned for her. Nor does she seem too happy being stuck between them.

The first part of a potentially 3 part sequence-ish sort of thing.

Just something to figure out some proportions. I feel like and have been told that my characters always seem a bit squished, so I was extra careful to hopefully fix that and just be a bit more conscious of it.

So yeah, enjoy! :D
suggestive127950 artist:astr0zone900 princess cadance30442 princess celestia90003 princess luna93961 alicorn195193 pony845300 aunt and niece370 belly24272 big belly8388 butt27402 chubby cheeks3089 chubbylestia785 crown13953 fat19931 female898729 floppy ears46607 gritted teeth10340 huge belly1890 jewelry50869 large butt12842 looking at each other16359 mare415220 moonbutt2961 neck roll690 obese10228 old art368 prone23313 raised hoof39277 regalia16278 royal fitness88 sketch58800 smiling214813 sunbutt3555 this will end in weight gain306 trio7295 trio female980 worried3421


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