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Rainbow Dash: Hey, Pinkie, guess what? WEDGIE!
Pinkie Pie: Eeeeep! Giggle! Dashie, stop! You're scraping my donut! It tickles! Giggle! …Okay, DON'T stop!
Sunset Shimmer: Hey, wait… Are those MY panties?! PINKIE!
Pinkie Pie: Oh, ooops! Caught! Giggle! They smelled so good, though! And feel so good now too, so deep inside my bum!… Giggle!
Rainbow Dash: …You really are one kinky Pie, Pinkie.
suggestive128394 artist:the_real_me46 edit118007 edited screencap56234 screencap200005 pinkie pie203592 rainbow dash219810 equestria girls180675 legend of everfree7414 blushing176330 camp everfree outfits1534 clothes410338 converse5045 cutie mark40866 hiking boots16 implied shipping4386 implied sunsetpie8 kinkie pie331 orange underwear186 panties46208 prank1348 shirt21324 shoes30468 shorts12239 show accurate11018 sneakers4683 stolen clothes9 t-shirt3635 underwear55374 underwear swap115 wedgie1435 wedgie fetish48


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Background Pony #8D3C
Sunet giving Pinkie Pie a very confused & stern talking to were she also asks her questions, ash she is having the panties ontop of her head, i guess.