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Commission for @Raritybro in which I turn his cats into ponies
safe1750087 artist:buttersprinkle314 coco pommel6081 octavia melody24221 earth pony265780 human158934 pony1010132 :34697 behaving like a cat2243 butt65853 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cattavia11 chest fluff41180 cocobetes704 commission73030 commissioner:raritybro503 computer6354 computer mouse492 curled up317 cute205648 eyelashes12303 eyes closed98017 female1401546 fluffy14695 frog (hoof)13851 high res32648 hnnng2479 hooves18296 if i fits i sits156 keyboard1191 looking at you175626 lucky bastard1732 mare502019 offscreen character35724 offscreen human262 on side6838 plot82104 ponified animal photo647 pony pet810 ponyloaf437 pov14503 prone26342 sitting on lap289 sleeping23931 tavibetes682 underhoof53797 weapons-grade cute3759


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Background Pony #7F3D
Cat sized ponies that are choosing to act like cats, how does anyone see hybrids here?
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Never thought I'd see someone unironically get upset at an image of catpones because they legitimately think drawings of fictional characters as fictional creatures is animal abuse.

The internet never ceases to amaze.

he ate Good Eric
"Octavia, don't you have a concerto you should be working on?"
blink blink
"You know, the Canterlot Symphony Orchestra's big performance next week?"
yawn, stretch, go to sleep
"Where mah tequila at…"
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They look perfectly comfortable here in this image, and nobody put them in these positions, besides the fanartist. As Meanlucario says, this isn't to be taken that seriously.

BY your logic, if "catpones" are some kinda horrifying hybrid mutant, then you can't like anthros either (like this image I found from your favorites) because it's a hybrid human/pony creature.

The horror! Look at this horrifying mutant! (J/k)
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