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I already made my headcanons about Pinkie's fam here! But i wanted to expand it a little bit~ I changed some things about it ;)

On the top left we have Smokey Ash Pie, widow of Feldspar Granite and mother of Igneous Rock Pie and her sister Charcoal Volcano Pie, they were the owners of the Rock Farm before passing it down to Igneous, Smokey was a harsh and courageous mare, never bowing to anyone, Charcoal was the most reserved one and took care of the business. They are known by their granddaughters as Granny Pie (Smokey) and Nana Pie (Charcoal), little Pinkie also used to call them Granny Smores (Smokey) and Nana Chocolate (Charcoal).

On the top right we have the grandparents of Cloudy Quartz, Alabaster stone (male), a field doctor, and Immaculate Quartz (female). They were the parents of Milky Quartz.

Below them we have Milky Quartz and Cloud Puff, the parents of Cloudy Quartz. They met one stormy night when Cloud asked for shelter in their farm because he couldn't fly in that weather. They let him stay and it was love at first sight. After that they had various secrets meetings, and planned to run away together,but when Milky got pregnant they stopped seeing each other. Milky gave birth to Cloudy prematurely, her father tried to save her and the filly, but Milky died in the process. Cloud Puff tried to get his daughter with him but was kicked out by a stricken by grief Alabaster. Her grandparents were overprotective and very strict with little Cloudy.

Cloudy has little wings on her back, and she covered them with a shawl when she was a filly. Now she doesn't, she is often seen outside in a sunny day with her hair out of her usual bun, imagining that she flies in the wind, she is a pegasus after all…Igneous admits that this is how he loves to see his wife the most.
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