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Commissioned by Kryostase.

The original canvas is 8k wide, with 370MB file size and over a Gig's memory space, it is the largest one I've ever done. With such high resolution, drawing plants and trees are not a very enjoyable business, even with some texture brushes specially made for this one, I still ended up re-furnishing most of the trees and leaves by hand. But the result is relatively good so I'll call it a win;D


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RAF Flütersloh

The benefit of such hard work at such high resolution is that when viewed from a distance you can't tell it's not real. Then, when you zoom in, you just appreciate the hard work even more.

Many was the time last year that I'd stand atop (or at least someway up) of an Alpine mountain, and my body would tingle and my heart would radiate with the awe-inspiring view. My body is tingling once again, and I'm most grateful!

My only negative thought is that Chrysalis won't appreciate the view quite as much…
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