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Background Pony #31A5
I think the joke here, is that people call her an OC even though she’s Nightmare Moon reborn with different hair style/color and cutie mark changed. That’s just my guess.
Background Pony #534B
“Rainbow, for the last time, please stop impersonating my adoptive daughter from an alternate universe.”
Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl

You’ve rights don’t like Nyx but if you think she’s bad OC you better explain or shut up.
Oh I forgot 90% of Nyx-haters don’t even slightest idea about her since never read the fic. And then these people tell me to stop hate HiMMler.
Background Pony #979E
Twilight having the flashback and immediately searching for Princess Luna.
Also, you forgot the glasses Rainbow.
Background Pony #785A
@Background Pony #6AC0  
I’m neutral, the opinion is negative, but has no feelings about it and don’t really care. That’s neutral. Your bad feelings about it arent neutral dont project them towards me. Im out, dont worry…
Background Pony #6AC0
@Background Pony #785A  
You just called her a bad oc without so much as a second thought. That’s a negative disposition, not neutral. Not only is that very brash but it’s very disrespectful. All I did was state if we wanted to argue on how old things are, that nyx is older than the majority of fan content. Therefore age is not a deciding factor.
Background Pony #785A
@Background Pony #6AC0  
because it is a bad “oc” if you can call that an oc. It’s a renaming of a show characters “form”. Its just… “funny” bronies see their forced stuff in everything and make memes from it.