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My heart
safe1946220 screencap257378 rainbow dash257185 twilight sparkle330080 alicorn269771 pegasus395071 deep tissue memories216 spoiler:deep tissue memories216 spoiler:mlp friendship is forever675 animated111735 comforting1461 crying49802 duo107118 female1579492 ponyville spa218 sad smile81 sound12632 spa pony rainbow dash90 tears of joy2996 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137320 webm19193


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Even Twilight looked like she was gonna start shedding tears after the normally too-cool-for-school Rainbow started crying! I also really like the little bit of music that started right as RD told Twilight “I love you too!”
Background Pony #1AF2
0:03 Especially if that friend is willing to buzz off any manipulative bribing douchebag with such enticing shortcut offers and chose to work hard through extensive training to become the best she can be!
0:09 WOAH WOAH WOAH there, Professor! *Isn’t this a LITTLE bit too early for a romantic lesbian cutscene over here??!*
Background Pony #0603
We all did have some pretty great times together…nine seasons worth, in fact.
Tons of artwork and animation, going to conventions, making new friends both online and in person.
“But a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts”.
“Part of the journey is the end”.
Background Pony #2DF0
“Remember that time we set Cozy Glow on fire and she ran screaming through Ponyville?”