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Norah Galaksio

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Originally posted on: April 25 2020
Thanks to the first two people who commented! I thought I wasn't going to do the challange, but here we are! So I use Mike Inel's designs for Gumball and Darwin so go check him out on YT he's an amazing animator! I'm most proud of the Kaminari drawing! I thought this was gonna be easy… it wasn't. Either way I'm glad to see progress in my work even if it's a small step!💜 Tags: #sixfanarts #artchallange #gumball #darwin #pinkiepie #rainbowdash #yugitsukasa #kaminaridenki #tbhk #amazingworldofgumball #bnha #mha #mlp
safe1579101 artist:nana_bellaluna_offical1 pinkie pie203584 rainbow dash219797 human142429 six fanarts865 equestria girls180665 armpits41508 clothes410302 crossover57234 darwin watterson34 denki kaminari8 eared humanization2621 eyes closed80511 female902106 gumball watterson88 hat76825 hoodie12361 humanized94226 male306491 my hero academia324 open mouth123611 smiling215852 tailed humanization2887 the amazing world of gumball192 toilet-bound hanako-kun18 waving2537


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