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source needed13322 safe1577043 angel bunny9385 apple bloom46587 applejack158967 big macintosh26883 bon bon15649 bow hothoof916 boyle151 bulk biceps3218 capper dapperpaws1446 captain celaeno1041 carrot cake2027 cheerilee9362 cloudy quartz1222 clover the clever341 cookie crumbles926 cranky doodle donkey914 cup cake3748 daisy2219 daring do6074 derpy hooves48270 diamond tiara9676 discord28718 dj pon-328135 doctor whooves10092 double diamond1562 featherweight1210 fido501 filthy rich1074 flam2022 flash magnus711 flash sentry12102 fleetfoot1914 flim2143 flower wishes2085 fluttershy197964 gallus5815 garble1623 gentle breeze296 gilda9110 gloriosa daisy1762 grand pear220 granny smith4987 grubber716 gummy4847 hondo flanks478 igneous rock pie819 indigo zap2318 iron will1297 king sombra12690 lemon zest3042 lily1784 lily valley1783 limestone pie4712 lix spittle119 lord tirek4736 lyra heartstrings28009 manny roar199 marble pie6121 matilda462 maud pie11865 meadowbrook729 mistmane659 misty fly472 mullet (character)135 murdock137 night glider1260 night light2006 nightmare moon16068 ocellus4493 octavia melody22519 opalescence1984 owlowiscious1915 party favor1429 pinkie pie203383 pipsqueak2707 posey shy1036 pound cake2374 princess cadance30478 princess celestia90081 princess ember5812 princess flurry heart6267 princess luna94037 princess skystar1788 principal abacus cinch908 pumpkin cake2151 queen chrysalis32336 queen novo1117 rainbow dash219539 rarity169851 rockhoof976 roseluck4665 rover972 sandbar4632 sci-twi22108 scootaloo49204 shining armor21779 silver spoon6225 silverstream5279 smolder6605 snails5141 soarin'13335 somnambula1653 sour sweet3057 spike74891 spitfire12793 spoiled rich984 spot430 star swirl the bearded1864 starlight glimmer43927 steven magnet557 storm king1102 sugar belle2659 sunburst5832 sunny flare2569 sunset shimmer57703 sweetie belle46692 sweetie drops15649 tank2593 tempest shadow15387 thorax3991 timber spruce1865 time turner10077 trixie62213 twilight sparkle282936 twilight velvet3837 vinyl scratch32231 windy whistles1853 winona2443 yona4451 zecora8792 zephyr breeze2099 alicorn195583 bear1106 centaur2618 changedling7272 changeling40186 chimera504 classical hippogriff4463 diamond dog3236 draconequus9040 dragon48242 earth pony199553 griffon24895 hippogriff8326 human142226 manticore520 parrot pirates375 pegasus240054 pony846842 siren2032 unicorn266765 ursa129 ursa major171 ursa minor573 yak3842 zebra15768 equestria girls180420 my little pony: the movie17903 cutie mark crusaders17904 dean cadance1014 element of generosity711 element of honesty712 element of kindness772 element of laughter712 element of loyalty888 element of magic1894 elements of harmony2349 flim flam brothers1181 king thorax2605 mane six29467 photo70711 pirate2289 principal celestia3166 sniper1109 storm guard335 student six1426 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115317 vice principal luna2235 wall of tags2318 walt disney world36


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NO! No! This is my worst nightmare Disney buying all entertainment, next step is buying the United States, every country, then the world, the solar system, finally the universe