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this is from The Art Of My Little Pony : The Movie
i have edited out the text "beyond equestria" from it and improved the quality a bit
safe1709641 artist:walter martishius9 applejack170174 fluttershy213005 pinkie pie216487 rainbow dash234280 rarity182143 spike78884 twilight sparkle300728 alicorn225076 dragon56479 earth pony249907 pegasus293002 pony970673 my little pony: the movie19058 the art of my little pony: the movie211 absurd resolution66293 bridge1157 castle2033 female1366002 lake1544 lava882 lightning3148 male373806 mane seven6523 mane six31956 mare482142 river1965 scenery8055 scenery porn848 thunderstorm151 tree32318 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123848 upscaled179 village249 volcano368 waterfall1687


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Background Pony #1B6B
Is this a deleted scene where the Mane Six and Spike still sees the dark storm clouds covering Canterlot again and then later Ponyville before they turn to seek help from new friends beyond Equestria? I guess they pass by Ponyville, the Everfree Forest, Appleloosa, the Macintosh Hills, the Appaloosan Mountains, the Forest of Leota, and the Froud Valley before the Storm King and his army and armada conquer them with storm clouds covering them because the storm clouds covered their home village in the movie and that scene in the book.
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>improved the quality a bit

That looks super pixellated to me. Like it was forcibly scaled up without keeping the quality intact.
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