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Meet Rootin’ Tootin’, the redneck pony :3
Brought up in the desert, she was not a very smart pony X)  
She is ignorant to most things, and paranoid about other species, making her distrustful of them (she get’s better though lol), as she doesn’t trust them as much as she does ponies. She also has a really bad habit for falling for a lot of dumb conspiracy theories no matter how absurd some of them may be.
Hot headed and aggressive, she is know for starting and getting into fights. She also loves herself some nice cold beer, and guns. Lots, and LOTS, of guns X)  
Despite how she acts, she is actually very good at handling guns, and has actually won a lot of shooting competitions.
Despite how she acts, she does eventually learn to be more tolerable of other ponies and species, and feels bad for how she has acted.
safe1878491 alternate version60838 artist:icicle-wicicle-1517820 artist:n0kkun410 color edit8145 edit148107 oc786576 oc only582677 oc:rootin' tootin'6 earth pony321055 pony1224355 alcohol8261 beer1895 beer can71 blackletter417 can525 collaboration5915 color1714 colored21170 cowboy hat20102 double barreled shotgun61 drinking hat77 ear piercing32436 earring25186 female1516275 gun17609 handgun3175 hat100747 holster453 jewelry81595 mare566152 piercing49217 redneck53 revolver1750 shotgun1625 simple background463055 solo1195038 tattoo6585 transparent background232760 weapon34388


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