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safe1576781 artist:agatrix205 artist:akiacreations28 artist:blackwater62778 artist:earthenhoof43 artist:joltage59 artist:neysanight122 artist:onlyfactory305 derpy hooves48262 fluttershy197921 king sombra12688 pinkie pie203362 princess luna94022 queen chrysalis32333 rainbow dash219507 alicorn195541 earth pony199489 human142209 pegasus239976 pony846674 unicorn266691 leak1536 spoiler:g5935 bed36356 brushing388 cute177725 female900295 fluttershy (g5)270 g51126 heart43199 irl62596 male305876 meme78670 money1193 photo70706 pile482 plushie21874 ponified meme659 text51160


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@Brass Beau
I recall being rough sleeper like you, not entirely sure what changed that.
Thankfully, Funrise plushies are apparetly made with german engineering & russian materials.
I kid you not, the thread attaching their accessories alone could have doubled as bailing twine. xD
Beau Skunky
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Artist -

I'm a lasagna hog!
Not really a plush enthusiast, (more of an Amiibo, and miniature toy arcade game collector) his one is kinda cute/funny.
Background Pony #6A01
The Plush gave you Two Hands

You know what to do with them

Plush is Love

Plush is Life