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To prove that my previous comic (>>2312760) was not just a one-shot, here's a continuation.

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suggestive130719 artist:papadragon691146 queen chrysalis33049 spike75019 changedling7519 changeling41985 dragon49658 anthro236088 3d66339 a better ending for chrysalis96 armpits41526 bedroom eyes53843 belly button69837 breast grab6304 breasts248941 busty queen chrysalis3343 chryspike82 clothed female nude male1696 clothed male nude male237 comic102258 dialogue60117 female1271649 gigachad spike631 grope11560 implied changedling4 implied transformation374 lidded eyes27641 looking back50844 looking over shoulder3288 male337977 mirror4823 older23790 older spike4635 purified chrysalis165 reformed270 reformed villain48 shipping186079 source filmmaker40261 straight126112 undressing4823 winged spike7598


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8 comments posted

Well part of the charm is that Spike is probably the most kindhearted individual, which isn't natural for dragons. The idea that he literally just sweethearts the villains into reforming JUST so they can be with him is a very attractive idea.

I just like SpikexChrysalis~
Its one of my most fav ships alongside SpikexLuna/Nightmare Moon.
Hope we see some stuff for Luna in the future too~