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so allow me to introduce you to one of my fav cmc ships<33
Gilded Lily is a pony from the comics who the cmcs helped to find a cutie mark but Scoot helped her to accept her cutie mark. in Heartverse Fancy Pants helped her niece into becoming a famous astronomer and Scootaloo often read articles about her and her work. years later she decides to retire to Ponyville for a calmer life to study nature and other things. Twilights castle had grown and expanded in the last few years thanks to the magic of the tree of harmony and it also had an observatory, so Lily often continued some work there too along side Smolder [Smolder was seen in the last episode holding an astrolabe so i like to assume she got into astronomy too.] and sometimes she also taught as a teacher about her work. Scootaloo was also a teacher at the school of friendship and sometimes coached at a small sports camp so obviously the two met again and reconnected. i dont like making things too complicated and confusing so ill leave the story at that. ill prolly do the other cmcs someday too. Sweetie Belles special somepony is also a character that isnt from the show <3 also im calling this ship scootalily lol

also here are some pages with Gilded Lily, (im surprised at how the pages just forgot to draw Scootaloos wings lol)
safe1573533 artist:snowballflo19 gilded lily21 scootaloo49143 pegasus239031 pony844317 unicorn265496 alternate hairstyle24415 bandage5136 bandaid1584 boop6853 bracelet7877 clothes408373 cute176960 cutealoo2553 dress39498 eyeshadow13013 female897623 heart43105 hug25435 jewelry50764 kissing22422 lesbian92125 makeup17591 mare414733 markings1007 noseboop2588 older22982 older scootaloo1637 redesign1703 scar10415 scootalily1 scootalove1642 shipping183747


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