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Artist's comment:
Just a cautionary tale about abusive relationships ( and to be careful how you treat Fluttershy. )

My dub of this comic is right here:

You are free to dub or share my comics anywhere you so please, just please credit me :)
semi-grimdark28033 artist:brook the book horse11 angel bunny9385 cozy glow5868 fluttershy197963 pegasus240054 pony846840 rabbit4458 absurd resolution63976 abuse6353 angel is a bunny bastard192 angelbuse80 animal3371 animal abuse111 beware the quiet ones4 canterlot5044 comic101633 crescent moon1539 dialogue60627 female900492 filly59594 fluttershy's cottage (interior)117 hoof hold7350 implied blood28 implied murder848 male305934 mare416167 moon21041 paint1772 paint stains51 painting3249 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency446 pure unfiltered evil1624 revenge753 speech bubble20574 stain97 tartarus424 youtube link in the description62


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Background Pony #52C9
I imagine she used your Avatar icon's ability to perform the deed too. :P

I main Sam, you really think I wouldn't recognize its most iconic move icon?XD