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safe1750054 artist:amura-of-jupiter221 oc711689 oc only465304 oc:daudaen41 earth pony265764 angry28060 brown mane653 commission73027 cute205644 cutie mark49696 disgusted1242 drool25690 earth pony oc9829 emotes654 eww91 expressions974 eyes closed98013 facehoof1779 facepalm465 floppy ears54481 glasses64554 green eyes4632 hand on hip7499 hooves on hips224 male387885 one eye closed32490 onomatopoeia4573 pouting2018 raised hoof48411 shrug1442 simple background408973 sleeping23933 smiling260800 snoring683 sound effects2255 sticker1600 sticker set122 transparent background208738 unshorn fetlocks27142 wink25647 zzz2509


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