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Made a quick drawing for fun.  
(Note: It actually took a long time. lol)
Sweetie Belle is cutest of the three. full
safe1917541 artist:symbianl435 apple bloom55228 scootaloo54585 sweetie belle52446 earth pony338016 pegasus382006 pony1265167 unicorn419391 :35493 adorabloom3394 blushing230788 cheek fluff7538 chest fluff50514 colored underhoof39 cute228163 cutealoo3335 cutie mark crusaders20491 diasweetes3287 digital art24542 ear fluff39540 eyes closed115045 female1553220 filly80851 floppy ears62246 fluffy16226 gradient background16262 happy36780 heart58222 heart hoof792 hoof fluff2483 hooves to the chest646 leg fluff3709 looking at you207054 one eye closed38395 open mouth187247 smiling314955 trio14872 underhoof59935 wink28857


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