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EDIT: THE BABY DID NOT COME IN A BOX. That's just the card that came with it in the last frame. Cadance gave birth in the normal way, just rather .. um … more rapidly than she had expected.

I think that this is the first time I've had two seperate comics features in EQD in the same post.

Yay, new Princess. Also, my first time ever to draw Cadance.

Totally inspired\ripped off from this comic

Expedited delivery, when you absolutely positively cannot wait 3-5 business days for your package. Except, of course, if you live in the sticks. Where "Next Day" delivery is something that happens to other people.

Since I only got the idea for this comic this morning, this isprobably the quickest that I've ever drawn a comic.
safe1573134 artist:perfectblue97310 princess cadance30406 shining armor21732 twilight sparkle282339 alicorn194810 pony844039 unicorn265385 birth984 cake8842 comic101230 fart1901 fart noise616 female897253 food60630 implied flurry heart62 love wind18 male304831 mare414570 onomatopoeia3254 pointy ponies3142 sound effects1599 stallion92440


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