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It was a sunny day at the end of summer, Star Swirl brought Celestia and Luna to the deep forest on a field trip.

At that time, the Everfree Forest was just a small and lovely wood.
safe1577102 artist:emeraldgalaxy76 princess celestia90080 princess luna94036 star swirl the bearded1864 alicorn195590 pony846922 unicorn266822 beard3229 cape9030 castle1669 castle of the royal pony sisters683 clothes409647 facial hair4992 female900549 filly59604 foal14908 male305964 moustache2784 pink-mane celestia2047 royal sisters3883 signature18944 stallion92906 trio7313 woona4913 younger15716


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Background Pony #A6BA
Star swirl will teach plant is good for make magic potion's, Tia and lulu love learn with their Mentor..well both be like Twilight with Celestia he he he
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