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Sunset was asleep peacefully in her crib, when she felt a little noge. “Sunset its time to wake up dear, we have a busy day ahead of us”. Sunset opened her eyes to see Princess Celestia looking down at her from above the crib. “good morning baby girl now let’s get you out of that wet thing and cleaned up. Sunset sat up “wet thing?” She then knew what Celestia had meant she had wet the bed, she’s never wet the bed! “Now I know you’re wondering what happened and how you wet the bed. But I had Luna come visit you in your dreams and cause it.” Sunset then remembered a bit of the dreams she had last night. She looked at Celestia with a sad look. “Oh don’t worry dear it won’t become a permanent thing now let’s get ready. Celestia lowered the crib and lifted Sunset to a changing table to the side of the room and strapped Sunset in. “There we go nice and safe” Celestia then removed Sunsets old diaper and began to clean Sunset making the girl blush. Soon Sunset was cleaned up and the 2 of them made their way to the kitchen for breakfast.

Sunset was placed in a high chair and strapped in beside Celestia’s chair and soon the maids brought Celstia some food and place a bowl of mush in front of Sunset. Sunset blushed while the maids awed and looked at her commenting on how cute she looked. Sunset then sniffed the food put in front of her it kind of smelt like prunes. Sunset never really liked prunes but she knew she didn’t have a choice in this matter she looked for a spoon but didn’t see one? “Princess I think they forgot my spoon?” Celestia looked at Sunset and smiled. “Oh don’t worry foals don’t know how to use spoons”. Sunset sighed she knew where this was going and she was hungry so she used her hoofs to scoop some of the food and began to eat it. It’s been awhile since Sunset used her hoofs for anything and she was making a bit of a mess. “Oh my maybe you really are a foal?” Sunset blushed as Celestia levitated a cloth and cleaned Sunset up. “There we go nice and clean” Sunset was levitated beside Celestia “Now I think we have some work to do in court today”.

“Princess I—I don’t think I should bother you while you’re in court? If you want I can just leave!” Celestia smiled “Good try dear but it would be no different from when you were my student.” Celestia soon was walking to the throne room with Sunset in the air and as soon as they entered the throne room Sunset saw all the nobles and ponies in the room. Sunset has never been so embarrassed in her life here she was in the throne room dressed as a foal in front of all of Equestrias nobles and lords. She could hear laughter and chatter and ponies pointing at her. Celestia walked to her throne and took her seat. “Hello my little ponies, Now I know most of you know my little foal here but for those who don’t her name is Sunset Shimmer she was a student of mine who left our world only to return and threaten her. I know a lot of you think she should be locked in the dungeon or worse for the crimes she has committed. But both me and Princess Twilight Sparkle promise she has changed and regrets what she has done. But a crime is still a crime and so a punishment is needed. So for the next week she will be treated as a foal and have all rights one would have to answer for her crimes. So if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me and I will answer and now if there aren’t any lets start court.” Sunset was soon placed in a baby bouncer right beside Celestia.

“Now you be a good foal and be quiet while I deal with the nobles and if you’re good maybe than I’ll let you wear pull-ups” Sunset nodded. Celestia smiled and soon the bouncer kept hoping up and down and to Sunsets surprise she was actually very high and was a little worried. Sunset jumped up and down for hours feeling really bored since she had nothing else to do. Sure it was fun at first but it quickly lost its excitement. Celestia notice this and stopped court for 1 minute to walk over to Sunset and lifted her out of the bouncer and she walked back to her throne and sat Sunset in her lap. Sunset blushed she hasn’t sat in the princesses lap since she was her student, Celestia still felt warm and bright as Sunset leaned in to her. Celestia then began to rock Sunset back and forth and Sunset could feel so warm and safe. She was a little tired still and decided closing her eyes for a minute couldn’t be bad. But she quickly fell asleep. Celestia and some of the maids in the throne room awed at this and soon carried on with their work being quiet to be careful to not wake up the “foal”. Sunset woke up hours later and she saw she was still in the Princesses lap! She quickly jumped off the Princess apologizing for falling asleep in her lap. Sunset looked around and saw no one was here?

Princess Celestia laughed at Sunset panicking. “It’s okay dear actually thanks to you everyone was behaved in court and things went quickly and smoothly. I’ve never finished so early in 100s of years. Maybe I should just keep you as a foal in court.” Sunset blushed. When the door opened and she saw Princess Luna enter the throne room. “Hello dear sister. How was the baby today by the looks of it around here it looks like everything went very well.” Luna walked up to her throne and sat down beside Celestia. “It was great having her here. All the nobles behaved for once and there was no bickering” Luna smiled at her sister and then looked at Sunset who was on the steps in front of her. “Well I guess she is cute? Did you have a nice sleep dear no nightmares or anything?” Princess Luna was looking at Sunset Sunset couldn’t help to admit that it was a good sleep. She has never found so rested in her life? Was it the Princesses doing? “It was a great sleep thank you ma’am”. Luna smiled at Sunset there’s no need to be so tense dear. For the next week we are your mommies and will take care of you and if you want I know some baby in need of a change”

Sunsets face went pale as she looked down at her diaper and saw it was wet “Not again!” Sunset pouted. “sorry Sunset but this is part of your punishment I use a spell while you are asleep one side of it is it’ll be the best sleeps ever but your body won’t be able to be awoken with the need to use the bathroom so the one asleep will wet themselves and not wake up. I’ll admit me and Celestia use this spell a lot to sleep.”. “LUNA…You know that’s our secret!” Celestia was blushing on her seat Sunset has never seen the princess so worked up in her life. The thought of Celestia ruler of Equestria in a diaper wetting the bed. Sunset laughed. Celestia looked at Sunset, “if you tell anyone you’ll wish you were sent to the moon” Sunset gulped. Luna smirked “sister if what you said was true we can trust her besides they do look cute on you, and if someone finds out well Sunset will be wetting the bed for the rest of her life.” This time Sunset gulped. “Well let mommy Luna get you changed and get you some dinner. Sister I’ll see you later okay” Celestia nodded while Luna levitated Sunset away into the kitchen. “Now I know my sister said we have to treat you like a foal however I know you would like some actual food. So I asked the cook to make us something special however I’m afraid you’ll have to sit in the highchair, and after dinner I’ll change you for bed.” Sunset nodded hoping to actually have some real food today. Sunset was in the chair now and Luna sat down beside her when the cook brought out some hay fries and burgers. Sunset loved burgers and hay fries and it has been years since she had them! “Celestia told me these were your favourites when you lived in Equestria.” Sunset nodded and soon started to eat. It was so good. “Thank you Princess” Sunset said with a full mouth. Luna smiled and soon started to eat as well. Soon they were both done and cleaned up. “Okay Sunset lets get you clean and ready for bed.” Sunset nodded and was taken from the kitchen to the Princesses room. Lunas room was full of dark purples and blues and some black here and there. “Now Sunset would you mind helping me in the changing of the diaper? I’ve never done one before.” Sunset blushed she has never changed one herself but figures and can’t be that hard. She laid down and instructed Luna. It took a couple of tries but they did get it.

Soon Sunset was levitated to Lunas bed. Sunset noticed that her bed was much comfier than Celestias. “Now Sunset I need to keep an eye on you but I also need to watch the dream realm so you’re coming with me okay?” Sunset nodded and Luna laid beside her and used some magic to summon a crib around them both? Sunset was confused and looked at Luna who just said sometimes they’ll sleepwalk and this just keeps us safe. Sunset nodded and Luna cast another spell making them both fall asleep and enter the dream realm. Luna and Sunset went from dream to dream for hours helping some ponys sleep better. If Sunset wasn’t with Luna she wouldn’t believe how much work the princess does in a single night. Soon the two woke back up in the real world. Sunset sat up and stretched feeling she wet her diaper again. She looked at Luna who to was now wearing a wet diaper? “I cast the spell before I went to the dream world with you.” Luna then changed both herself and Sunset before taking Sunset back to Celestias room and laid Sunset back into the crib. “I’ll see you tomorrow Sunset” Luna turned the mobile back on and soon Sunset was fast asleep. For the next week Sunset kept doing the same thing with both princesses and it was the last day of her punishment and Celestia and Luna had her beside the portal saying goodbye to Sunset. Sunset looked at both of them. “Thank you both for helping me clear my name in Equestria and even though I didn’t enjoy it at first it was fun helping you both with your duties. Celestia and Luna hugged Sunset but before letting her leave Celestia told Sunset she still had 1 more task to complete and now it was up to Sunset what it would be. But the options Sunset was given were not her favourites..
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