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safe1765700 edit137536 edited screencap68562 screencap230837 applejack174442 fluttershy218645 pinkie pie221477 twilight sparkle307851 alicorn235386 earth pony272616 pegasus314872 pony1025634 my little pony: stop motion short455 pony life6210 rainy day puddle play13 backwards thermometer204 bed42787 caption22366 coronavirus841 covid-19779 image macro37616 meme83957 sick1761 stop motion598 text63065 thermometer494 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126899 we are going to hell696


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Background Pony #99CB
AJ’s face looks odd from this angle. Its like a person that put on a light orange pig snout.
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Background Pony #8AD2
Did she really catch the coronavirus? I think the virus caught her!
The coronavirus has a severe case of Fluttershy and will die from a “D’awwww!” overload.
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There is no joke here. Just the best out of the mane six coming down with a terrible illness. Which is just sad. Please try and make something funny if you’re gonna make corna memes.
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Background Pony #BBA5
Now what would actually be funny is if it turned out she could use her special animal communication abilities to politely ask the virus to leave. And it did.
“Oh, I know you didn’t mean to make me feel bad, but my immune system can’t help but react to you.”  
<indecipherable virus noises>  
“I appreciate that. You all take care now. It’s a very big world out there.”
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Background Pony #379A
Better change her name to covidshy now or else the whole damn equestria would start coff coff.
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Background Pony #AC63
But equestria failed to social distance so everyone got corona and died
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Background Pony #D612
Can all the Covid-19 memes have the “we are going to hell” tag? Please?
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