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safe2211206 artist:lupin quill1420 gallus9232 sandbar6903 earth pony520856 griffon37520 pony1641514 series:fill-the-room mates (weight gain)7 g42065934 bed59913 belly47567 belly button114094 bhm1982 big belly20415 bipedal50925 butt238638 chest fluff68301 chubby17684 chubby cheeks5643 commission121643 dialogue96396 double chin2738 duo184811 duo male3672 eyes closed142633 fat29488 feedee924 feeder682 flabbus73 flabby chest777 food103972 high res410106 implied gallbar28 implied gay1779 implied shipping7421 lying on bed3051 male565161 obese15727 older41439 older gallus164 older sandbar150 on back35302 open mouth245884 paw pads4094 paws7532 pillow26358 pizza2824 plate2845 plot148969 sandblubber46 steam3340 this will end in weight gain566 weight gain5783 weight gain sequence1742


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Background Pony #A36F
Sandbar treats Gallus to all of Ponyville’s delicacies, neither caring as both their bodies start ballooning out of control.
Tell me that’s not a great premise for making this the start of a series.