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safe1658196 artist:lupin quill882 gallus6477 sandbar5281 earth pony231376 griffon26062 pony922514 series:fill-the-room mates (weight gain)3 bed39333 belly27160 belly button74166 bhm1439 big belly10394 bipedal33041 butt50718 chest fluff36490 chubby12943 chubby cheeks3552 commission63460 dialogue63001 double chin1703 duo56758 duo male507 eyes closed88283 fat21369 feedee532 feeder435 flabbus31 flabby chest318 food67189 high res24740 implied gallbar24 implied gay1241 implied shipping4782 lying on bed1583 male357127 obese11123 older25433 older gallus106 older sandbar112 on back23669 open mouth137247 paws4644 pillow17103 pizza1862 plate1634 plot75991 sandblubber21 steam1784 this will end in weight gain339 weight gain4057 weight gain sequence740


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Background Pony #A36F
Sandbar treats Gallus to all of Ponyville’s delicacies, neither caring as both their bodies start ballooning out of control.

Tell me that’s not a great premise for making this the start of a series.