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suggestive139773 artist:art-2u417 sunset shimmer61859 alicorn219287 human151957 anthro254241 plantigrade anthro31417 equestria girls196684 alicornified5272 armor23351 armpits42604 ascension enhancement118 ass47937 big breasts79671 breast expansion3329 breasts270403 bunset shimmer1672 busty sunset shimmer5306 butt53927 cleavage33762 clothes449875 curvy6488 female1338859 growth5556 hourglass figure1435 huge breasts37326 human to anthro655 large butt16017 race swap14016 shimmercorn635 socks64842 solo1045617 solo female177053 thigh highs35077 transformation10487 transforming clothes79 unconvincing armor1123 wasp waist141 wide hips16440


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Background Pony #8B29
Sunset: I just turned into an anthropomorphic Alicorn goddess in scanty battle armor, and THAT'S what you're focused on?!

That is TERRIBLE running posture, Sunset! You never cross your arms over your body while you move, you're fighting your body's own momentum and slightly compressing your lungs, so you can't breathe as deeply.