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"My compass always points to Sweetie Belle!"

Finished the linework a very long time ago, and finally did the colouring yesterday.
They're both blankflanks in this drawing as they're based on their characters' portrayal in Friendship is Witchcraft.

I based the robot design for Sweetie Belle(Bot) on Time, Love and Couture's video here.
His sculptures are really amazing, go check him out if you haven't already! :D

I post my art over on my Twitter if you'd like to come say hi!
safe1708269 artist:lyrabop122 scootaloo51295 sweetie belle49073 pegasus292491 pony969396 robot7815 robot pony3614 unicorn324174 cute200094 cutealoo2878 dialogue65608 diasweetes2921 duo61500 female1364826 filly66872 floppy ears52397 gradient background12645 looking at each other20267 open mouth146211 speech bubble23354 sweat26397 sweetie bot1324 weirded out25


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Background Pony #726E
I like this robot legs which are the same as in real sweetie bot project
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