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Commission for Fluff of a new Passel wallpaper!Full uncompressed versions available here:
suggestive127802 alternate version33781 artist:ralek1249 oc603780 oc only409195 oc:passel105 absurd resolution63925 blood22551 bow24167 ethereal wings115 fangs22092 freckles25366 halo1456 heart43097 leonine tail7338 long ears306 looking at you143515 nosebleed2160 sharp teeth3203 simple background344816 solo971615 tail bow4716 talons1112 teeth7778 wallpaper17718 wings75591


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Background Pony #1BD3
@Background Pony #A8DC
Aight, if my facts are right, Passel is a hippogriff, just one that went through some changes. That makes them perfectly fine for the site. On top of that, if I'm remembering correctly, she started out as a Fo:E character about five or six years ago. So…that'll play.