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I love when Rarity is about to do something important for her and she get's all nervous, it's pretty cute honestly to see her loose her cool
suggestive148452 artist:unluckypaw63 rarity185642 unicorn342582 anthro269692 absolute cleavage3648 adorasexy10136 alternate hairstyle29085 beautisexy934 breasts288838 busty rarity13397 cleavage35651 clothes476294 cute205790 dress46089 elegant180 female1402603 looking at you175797 mare502545 open mouth154571 open-back dress103 sexy30713 side slit1445 solo1094900 solo female183720 total sideslit224


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Background Pony #1771
A curvy Rarity in a classy yet skimpy dress is absolute perfection. But what really makes it hot is the high-cut leg slit showing a complete lack of any underwear! It makes an image of her being classy, but also DTF.