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"C'mon sis! Do we seriously need to do this every day?!"

For RazerMax on Furaffinity

Applejack775 lbs
suggestive148443 artist:neongothic260 apple bloom50991 applejack173319 equestria girls207204 amplejack146 applebucking thighs2150 applebutt4546 applefat563 bbw4427 bingo wings2543 boots22937 butt65983 butt freckles2014 chubby cheeks3953 close-up6325 clothes476253 doorway383 double chin1947 fat22656 fat ass325 female1402443 freckles30136 huge butt10327 impossibly large butt7425 jeans4340 large butt18025 morbidly obese8108 obese11881 panties51515 pants15323 shoes38759 ssbbw1763 stuck2730 sweat27655 sweatdrops900 the ass is monstrously oversized for tight entrance57 the ass was fat14243 the ass was too fat267 thighs15085 thunder thighs9028 too fat to get through82 underwear62526 weight gain4434


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Background Pony #C5DE
Oh, how bout Sunset breaking school chair after taking a seat… and Rainbow Dash tries not to laugh about it.
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Background Pony #C5DE
Yo Neon,
How bout
-Sunset And Twilight At Sunset’s apartment working on a school project
- Applejack in the back of Big Mac’s pickup
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