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safe1750220 artist:freeedon275 nurse redheart3657 earth pony265826 pony1010310 coronavirus834 covid-19777 crying44803 damn corona3 face mask643 female1401671 floppy ears54487 looking down9312 mare502072 mask7068 n9513 ppe100 sad25064 solo1094217 standing12876 teary eyes4400 three quarter view1629 tired3245


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Background Pony #70BF
Honestly, everyone who's working and attending the patients affected by the coronavirus are mentally struggling, this is their biggest challenge and risk of their lives working non-stop and hoping they don't get infected too.
Once this is over, they deserve admiration, respect and lots of support.
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Rice pone
I love it when cute ponies are broken, defeated, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and generally not in a good, healthy mental state.
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There's only so much a pony can endure and not crack under the pressure.

This makes me so sad just to look at it. Please everyone, do your part and stay home if at all possible.
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