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Pound Cake always seems to lose when Auntie Pinkie is playing.

Youtube just because music
suggestive127943 artist:flicker-show339 pinkie pie203171 pound cake2374 pumpkin cake2150 anthro230190 earth pony198769 pegasus239379 plantigrade anthro26801 unicorn265899 1up20 7up8 barefoot24297 big breasts68440 breasts239484 brother and sister3529 bubble tea94 busty pinkie pie9556 cake twins414 chips680 doritos214 drink4341 drool22434 erect nipples8519 eyes on the prize4900 feet34579 female898644 food60778 hands-free bubble tea challenge77 male305294 nipple outline6166 pillow15431 playing1352 pocky405 pound pie28 shipping183925 siblings5995 speech bubble20538 straight121650 toes5426 twins1940


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As pumpkin cake thinks she isn't to be distracted by pinkie pie while she does the hands free bubble tea challenge when those wonder if pound cake is drooling over having a view of pinkie pie's cleavage through her long sleeve shirt.