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Originally posted on: July 13, 2013
EDIT// Updated him with some colors that I like a little better. I'll likely continue tweaking his design as I go along.

Ugh i cant draw tonight.
Anyhow I've had the idea for this guy in my head for a long time and wanted to get him out. Those colors are gonna need some work. ene
Anyhow, This guy's name is Heartbreaker. He's a wandering poet/minstrel with a very bad habit. He tends to fall in love very earnestly and easily. He's romantic, suave, and a composer of touching love songs and lyrics that he sings beautifully to whomever he may be courting at the time. His charms are well known to be nigh irresistable. However, his interest in somepony lasts only as long as they don't return his affections. As soon as they fall in love with him, Heartbreaker loses interest and moves on to the next target. There are many rumors about why he is this way. Some say his mother was a changeling, and so he needs to make ponies fall in love with him to survive. Others say he's actually a demon who revels in the sadness of others. Most say he's just a flat out jerk. All in all Heartbreaker is a jack of all trades as a minstrel, with a particular flair for running away from the angry mobs which usually wind up chasing after him at some point or other. If you asked him why he does what he does, he will tell you one of several outlandish tales as to why, ranging from being cursed to seeking a very specific somepony whom he lost long ago, but it's seldom the same story twice.

Fun fact — he's almost completely blind. His glasses are enchanted to help him see, but he's almost useless without them. Nopony knows this, however, and he pretends that they're only there for show.

Heartbreaker belongs to me, and he is not for sale.


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