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NOTE: I did not make this. All credit goes to the original artist.

Not gonna lie, Sunset and Twilight look good in each other's attire. ;)
safe1557237 artist:sarahalen20 sci-twi21755 sunset shimmer56754 twilight sparkle280069 equestria girls177660 equestria girls series28054 text support179 alternate hairstyle23874 alternate universe8841 belt4468 bowtie8432 clothes401934 coffee mug1103 couch6938 cutie mark39657 cutie mark on clothes881 duo48065 female881465 glasses53977 jacket10552 legs6703 lidded eyes24775 mug3632 ponytail15263 role reversal1267 shirt20641 sitting53932 skirt35065 talking4148 text support: sunset shimmer52


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