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Spring Painting ๐ŸŽ

Simple drawing with a simple story~
safe1577106 artist:nevobaster199 applejack158967 big macintosh26883 bright mac1125 pear butter2407 earth pony199598 pony846926 apple14660 apple farm28 boop6858 brightabetes47 brightbutter711 brush1682 clothes409644 colt13333 colt big macintosh61 cute177786 dork3360 family4019 female900551 filly59604 filly applejack423 food60946 freckles25463 group2869 hat76719 headband2911 jackabetes5117 laughing7122 macabetes405 male305960 mare416202 mouth hold15498 nevobaster is trying to murder us3 open mouth123329 paint1772 paint bucket72 painting3249 paper hat96 parent520 pearabetes259 shipping184191 sitting55078 smiling215364 stallion92906 straight121801 window7264 younger15716


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