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Variant of >>1807644, recolored to have EqG skintone

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safe1727384 alternate version47189 artist:racoonsan556 color edit7721 edit134212 editor:drakeyc95 rarity183638 equestria girls203213 school daze2799 anime5601 beautiful5677 blurry background852 breasts283511 chalkboard2862 classroom1658 cloth245 clothes467317 colored19658 crossed legs3277 cummerbund34 desk3304 equestria girls-ified9872 eyelashes11567 eyeshadow16096 female1381719 horn70835 hot for teacher58 indoors3253 legs8655 looking at you172181 makeup22135 nail polish7942 necktie7434 pantyhose3452 pointer116 raritights40 sash290 school of friendship1280 schoolmarm rarity111 sexy30074 shirt25539 shoes37622 sitting64411 skin color edit171 skirt40393 smiling254386 socks67438 solo1078303 spool141 stupid sexy rarity1270 teacher959 tight clothing2601


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That's a shame. I was hoping for something like a "post-graduation celebration" between the two. Or Spike showing up at Rarity's home and confessing his love, either after graduation or college or visiting during the holidays.
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