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Edit of >>1912262 to have an Sunset Satan-style skintone
Not as good as the others imo but I think it works well enough.
safe1973024 artist:racoonsan640 color edit8467 edit157049 editor:drakeyc96 sunset shimmer72693 equestria girls234081 equestria girls series38680 forgotten friendship6225 adorasexy11422 armpits45214 beach19173 beach babe799 beautiful6936 beautisexy1317 belly button95831 bikini22408 bikini babe806 black swimsuit266 bracelet12771 breasts343677 busty sunset shimmer6993 clothes559878 cloud37881 colored22275 cute236584 cutie mark swimsuit165 female1604828 geode of empathy3637 hand on hip10928 jeweled swimsuit126 jewelry91413 looking at you217417 magical geodes11134 midriff21766 necklace25909 praise the sunset37 sand3060 sarong1308 sexy38075 shimmerbetes4890 skin color edit212 sky19166 sleeveless7315 smiling331692 solo1269451 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1264 summer sunset239 sunburn160 sunset satan1462 sunset selfie68 swimsuit34757 water18884


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“Talk her into it?” Twilight probably volunteers every time they go to the beach. Or a pool. Or when Sunset steps out of the shower and Twi is waiting with a towel.

I know it’s supposed to be Sunset Satan’s skintone but it looks like a major league sunburn. Maybe she could talk Sci-Twi into giving her a full body rubdown with some aloe lotion?
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Ouch! This is pure agony. I know what it’s like, and seeing this takes me back to it. It’s not pleasant.