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Edit of >>1912262 to have an Sunset Satan-style skintone

Not as good as the others imo but I think it works well enough.
safe1728584 artist:racoonsan557 color edit7733 edit134295 editor:drakeyc95 sunset shimmer63909 equestria girls203355 equestria girls series33651 forgotten friendship5527 adorasexy9981 armpits43198 beach15426 beach babe693 beautiful5682 beautisexy908 belly button79595 bikini18600 bikini babe731 black swimsuit233 bracelet9690 breasts283848 busty sunset shimmer5557 clothes467747 cloud31375 colored19675 cute203079 cutie mark swimsuit152 female1382756 geode of empathy3148 hand on hip6514 jeweled swimsuit101 jewelry65821 looking at you172372 magical geodes9032 midriff19584 necklace19417 praise the sunset37 sand2410 sarong1061 sexy30100 shimmerbetes4440 skin color edit171 sky14578 sleeveless4600 smiling254642 solo1079081 stupid sexy sunset shimmer925 summer sunset229 sunburn144 sunset satan1346 sunset selfie61 swimsuit28967 water13734


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"Talk her into it?" Twilight probably volunteers every time they go to the beach. Or a pool. Or when Sunset steps out of the shower and Twi is waiting with a towel.
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I know it's supposed to be Sunset Satan's skintone but it looks like a major league sunburn. Maybe she could talk Sci-Twi into giving her a full body rubdown with some aloe lotion?
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Background Pony #B506
Ouch! This is pure agony. I know what it's like, and seeing this takes me back to it. It's not pleasant.
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Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
I unironically think red would have been a better color for her. I think Sunset has way too much yellow in her design. At the very least, the yellow in her hair should have been changed to orange.
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