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Was in the mood to draw some Ponk. I saw a hattsy pic with Ponk wearing a VR headset and was like "Hey, I can make this degenerate!". I may have overdone the GIRTH. Just chalk it up to winter weight.
suggestive145552 artist:askcanadash127 pinkie pie218251 rainbow dash236279 oc698293 oc:anon11798 earth pony256930 pony988115 balloonbutt4258 belly28999 blushing201116 butt62327 chubbie pie619 chubby13349 fetish40791 macro11094 micro9202 monochrome150997 oculus rift59 plot80536 sweat26991 this will end in death2488 this will end in tears3399 this will end in tears and/or death2314 virtual reality216


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