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A very concerned on breaking quarantine to hug Porona but, still taking precautions.
safe1727910 artist:pony quarantine710 oc698276 oc only456376 oc:anon11798 oc:corona chan46 oc:porona43 bat pony50952 human156815 bat pony oc18219 bat wings9690 bed41620 blanket5416 coronavirus828 covid-19772 cute202998 daaaaaaaaaaaw4517 dresser277 duo62921 eeee545 eyes closed95662 happy31733 hazmat suit398 hug28723 huggable147 kneeling8924 ocbetes5523 open mouth150017 smiling254495 window8701 wings111543


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Background Pony #5841
I don't care aabout using that hazmat suit, i will hug here without it & i don't care if i get the virus from it, she is just so freaking cute!
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