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Originally posted on: June 5, 2013
A quick colored sketch of Blues City, who belongs to *shiroi-of-envii ~
They wanted Blues just chilling out, but it looks like he chilled out a little too hard.
He even snores musically!
safe1557711 artist:lavvythejackalope187 oc595439 oc only405213 oc:blues city2 earth pony191641 pony828834 bean bag chair62 earth pony oc3002 featureless crotch6015 hair over eyes881 male299682 music notes2922 on back22115 onomatopoeia3128 open mouth120729 simple background338685 sleeping21379 snoring599 solo961147 sound effects1531 stallion90626 unshorn fetlocks21738 white background85025 zzz2200


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