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Originally posted on: February 20, 2017
Still making these for my little Februar Crackship Baby project on tumblr. Still so many left, but I can only finish one more sketch page, then Imma call it done. Until then, enjoy these.

Discord & Atjour Service: Floofy
Why Floofy looks like a sheep? Well, I can’t help but imagine that Draconequus genes got a sense of humour, so when Atjour’s curly hair gene entered the scene the Draconequus genes had some fun. Floofy can’t fly, but float lazily. That said, when floating you can just set up a fan to blow them away slowly. They doesn’t weight very much.

Terror Twins (avatarjk137) & Atjour Service: Curie & Frostbite
Curie and Frostbite aren’t twins, avatarjk137's Black Egg and White Snow, the conjoined twins, got individual reproduction organs so these two were conceived individually. Curie is the oldest, Frostbite was conceived shortly after her brother’s birth.

Brewing Bottles (lilsunshinesam) & Goldie: Glamour
The most fabulous crystal pony you'll ever meet and oh does he know it. Gosh I enjoyed colouring this babbu.

ReversalMushroom & Atjour Service: Butt Stuff
The less said about this thing the better.

ReversalMushroom & Star Shot: EEEEH!
See description above.

Some of these were definitely more enjoyable to make then others. Enjoy!

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safe1556197 artist:ravenpuff1126 oc594151 oc only404369 oc:curie2 oc:floofy (ravenpuff)33 oc:frostbite118 oc:glamour6 alicorn191169 draconequus8607 earth pony190741 pony827378 unicorn257913 alicorn oc21529 bandaid1558 book30169 bucktooth539 clothes401421 colored hooves4552 colt13130 draconequus oc1281 earth pony oc2554 face down ass up7075 female880457 filly58421 floppy horn112 frog (hoof)9589 glasses53923 grin32228 heart42478 horn40578 interspecies offspring6178 male299302 offspring33634 one eye closed24511 parent:discord2817 parent:oc:atjour service13 parent:oc:black egg1 parent:oc:brewing bottles1 parent:oc:golden dancer2 parent:oc:reversalmushroom1 parent:oc:sir reginald butterscop pendragon iv jr.4 parent:oc:star shot1 parent:oc:white snow1 parents:canon x oc1785 parents:oc x oc1233 scarf20801 siblings5681 smiling210052 tongue out88626 underhoof46016 unicorn oc3883 wink21199


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