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I have this Oc for about 5 years, she was very ugly and with super saturated colors, with time she developed a little more, but her style was still ridiculous, so I asked for a remake on her, and now this is the first drawing of my new Ravena, a beautiful and sexy pony.

she belongs to me, but you can draw her if you ask nicely hehe
suggestive129808 artist:flash_draw278 oc609777 oc only409487 oc:ravena4 pegasus247663 anus87617 butt32594 clothes415156 cutie mark42307 fishnets4661 looking at you147936 looking back50258 looking back at you11693 panties46362 plot71607 ponut38928 raised tail13569 simple background349537 solo983199 stockings28997 tail20963 thigh highs29136 transparent background181314 two toned mane1003 underwear55777 wings81587


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