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semi-grimdark32347 artist:gor1ck219 angel bunny10422 applejack182213 basil419 constance99 discord33611 fluttershy229480 gilda10317 harry561 king sombra15099 manny roar250 pinkie pie231264 princess luna105681 queen chrysalis37730 rainbow dash251216 rarity196304 trixie72453 twilight sparkle322124 alicorn256780 bear1816 bird10332 blue jay379 butterfly7990 changeling54783 changeling queen19913 draconequus15366 dragon65630 earth pony321470 griffon30759 manticore588 pegasus364609 pony1225332 rabbit6482 unicorn401879 accurate21 animal5648 antagonist1989 balloon11114 bow34297 bubble6384 cake10851 crying47967 crysalis60 dragging283 elements of harmony2623 ethereal mane9863 female1517209 funny4581 kindness209 magic81599 magic aura5728 male428112 mane six34197 mare566698 mind control3916 moustache3177 partial background253 ponies riding griffons46 rainbow5332 riding8068 sequel93 songbird183 stallion135044 starry mane5421 tail bow6667 telekinesis31744 trixie riding gilda2 unicorn twilight22879


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This picture may not be accurate, but its still funny!
In 2017 it seems a lot more accurate than expected.
I wonder if they’ll ever use the elements of harmony again. Laser blasting people into being friendly is kinda unfair, but effective.
Background Pony #C32A
This is chrysalis’s version of Grimdark…  
and I just can’t stop laughing how morbid it is >:D
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I see those leg holes, and I’m thinking… “shouldn’t there be dirt just kinda… peeling through the holes?”
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Manually Breathing
Hrm, don’t think this is that accurate
Sombra got nuked.  
Red Dragon got chased off.  
Bear was never bad to begin with.  
Neither was the Manticore.  
Trixie redeemed herself, she could’ve just legged it again like in BB.  
Luna is an iffy one, depends on how you interpret NMM.  
Gilda is MIA.  
Discord decided to stop being a jerk, though with some peer pressure.  
Angel is still evil.