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Full collection of Racoonsan's Humane Seven bikini pics and my recolors of them to have their EqG skintones (or at least, close to them). No featured for space and organization — darker-skinned Rainbow Dash to resemble her Kotobukiya design, Twilight recolored and without glasses, and Twilight with a Midnight Sparkle color scheme.

All credit to the original artist for these wonderful pics. Permission was sought and given to make the recolors before uploading them. Please support the original artist on Patreon if you can.

Individual images:

Twilight: >>1844878
No Glasses: >>1844862
Reolor: 2314060
No Glasses Recolor: >>2314059
Midnight Sparkle Recolor: >>2314069

Rainbow: >>1858149
Recolor: >>2318876
Kotobukiya Recolor: >>2318831

Fluttershy: >>1818804
Recolor: >>2314413

Rarity: >>1875863
Recolor: >>2314288

Pinkie: >>1834273
Recolor: >>2314300

Applejack: >>1900428
Recolor: >>2314307

Sunset: >>1912262
Recolor: >>2314325
suggestive139725 alternate version43011 artist:racoonsan541 color edit7544 edit129592 editor:drakeyc86 applejack167691 fluttershy209809 pinkie pie213571 rainbow dash230928 rarity179338 sci-twi23755 sunset shimmer61847 twilight sparkle296991 human151876 equestria girls196563 equestria girls series32270 forgotten friendship5257 too hot to handle147 abs10815 adorasexy9473 anime5276 applejack's hat6835 applejacked1180 arm behind head6096 armpits42593 barrette390 beach14437 beach babe663 beautiful5431 beautisexy738 belly button75685 big breasts79634 bikini17653 bikini babe695 black swimsuit224 blue skin169 blue swimsuit341 blushing192957 board shorts103 book32887 bow swimsuit73 bracelet9085 breasts270231 busty applejack10252 busty fluttershy16790 busty sunset shimmer5305 clothes449643 cloud29933 collection465 colored19111 comparison4500 compilation544 cowboy hat15207 curvy6484 cute195668 cutie mark swimsuit149 dashabetes9007 delicious flat chest5041 diapinkes9623 ear piercing25270 earring20430 equestria girls edit37 equestria girls outfit2405 eyeshadow15088 female1338321 fit412 freckles27960 frilled swimsuit266 geode of empathy3006 geode of fauna1776 geode of shielding2156 geode of sugar bombs1969 geode of super speed2379 geode of super strength2096 geode of telekinesis2873 glasses60321 hairclip1059 hairpin1592 hand on hip5859 hat84548 human coloration5022 humane five3263 humane seven2439 humane six3102 humanized98832 jackabetes5814 jeweled swimsuit101 jewelry61002 legs8039 looking at you163537 magical geodes8670 makeup20713 midriff19053 muscles11839 nail polish7553 necklace18068 ocean6136 one-piece swimsuit4299 open mouth140449 peace sign2810 piercing39804 pink swimsuit228 ponk1020 ponytail17370 praise the sunset32 rainbow flat1067 sand2245 sarong973 sexy28501 sexy egghead25 shimmerbetes4304 shorts13610 shyabetes13372 sitting61548 skin color edit161 skintight clothes770 sky13603 sleeveless4061 smiling240939 snowcone39 sports3463 standing11747 striped swimsuit224 stupid sexy applejack663 stupid sexy fluttershy1044 stupid sexy pinkie721 stupid sexy rainbow dash2523 stupid sexy rarity1199 stupid sexy sunset shimmer862 stupid sexy twilight928 summer sunset223 sun hat900 sunset selfie57 surfboard729 swimsuit27557 tankini157 thighs12613 tricolor swimsuit117 twiabetes11508 volleyball531 wall of tags2916 water12773 wet7855 wetsuit744


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Background Pony #938C
How many years has this series been out? You'd think they'd release the other versions by now.
Posted Report
Background Pony #3894
Nice work. Would you also try swapping their colors as well, such as purple Rainbow Dash, yellow Twilight, etc?

Or make a gif of them changing into each other's colors. 🌈
Posted Report