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Edit of >>1818804 to have EqG-style skintone

Recolored further for tone closer to EqG.
safe1707145 artist:racoonsan552 color edit7665 edit132562 editor:drakeyc88 fluttershy212730 equestria girls200552 equestria girls series33022 forgotten friendship5375 adorasexy9779 anime5546 barrette392 beach14933 beach babe680 beautiful5580 big breasts82123 blushing197771 breasts277859 busty fluttershy17233 clothes459886 cloud30744 colored19478 curvy6677 cute199896 equestria girls outfit2428 eyeshadow15634 female1363743 geode of fauna1836 hairclip1100 hairpin1739 jewelry63737 looking at you168758 magical geodes8858 makeup21497 necklace18809 sexy29445 shyabetes13823 sitting63284 skin color edit166 skintight clothes784 smiling248669 solo1064719 stupid sexy fluttershy1071 swimsuit28294 wet8054 wetsuit763


not provided yet


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Background Pony #84E9
It's not uncommon for artist's to release their Patreon-exclusive work to the public a few months after it's paid release.

I don't know if Racoonsan is an artist that does that. They're under no obligation to, after all.
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Background Pony #84E9
You might want to give this one a second try. The skin tone doesn't look quite right.
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