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Edit of >>2191888 to resemble their EqG skintones.

This is the last color edit I'm making of Racoonsan's work for now. I won't be doing Cadance.
suggestive126506 alternate version32665 artist:racoonsan432 color edit7018 edit114872 editor:drakeyc44 princess celestia89165 princess luna93280 between dark and dawn1482 equestria girls177749 absolute cleavage2702 adorasexy7842 alternate hairstyle23944 anime4323 armpits41298 beach12508 beach babe588 belly button66320 big breasts66898 bikini15495 bikini babe619 blushing173122 bocas top118 breasts235639 busty princess celestia8816 busty princess luna5946 cleavage30406 clothes402369 colored17412 cute173902 cutelestia3093 duo48072 female882325 hair bun2813 huge breasts31085 lunabetes3070 mare405730 multicolored hair4102 nail polish6678 ocean5128 open mouth120779 palm tree1069 praise the sun1833 royal sisters3756 sexy23028 siblings5709 sisters7045 skin color edit40 stupid sexy celestia1416 stupid sexy luna62 swimsuit24286 tree26947 wall of tags2250 winged humanization8040


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Mostly? I'm tired. And it's a different type of swimsuit than the Humane Seven. This one was a bonus and I pegged it as an simple edit anyway (the only red tones in it are their skintones, so easy to recolor).