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safe1556365 artist:crystalcontemplator45 princess cadance30130 alicorn191207 pony827506 alternate design2139 chest fluff31568 cloven hooves8715 colored hooves4556 colored wings4921 colored wingtips1511 crystal horn54 ear fluff22582 feather5099 feathered fetlocks389 female880637 fluffy12652 gray background5939 horn40595 leg fluff2377 leonine tail7089 looking at you140716 mare404731 multicolored wings2133 neck fluff617 obtrusive watermark3431 peacock feathers43 peacock tail13 signature18275 simple background338181 smiling210081 solo959991 tail feathers819 unshorn fetlocks21693 watermark14181 wing fluff1394 wings72175


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Planeswalker — FoME
I like most of this, especially the crystal horn on a mare who was born a pegasus, but there's just one detail that throws me off. Only peacocks, i.e. male peafowl, have those feathers. Peahens are fairly drab.