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Well, Oil Pastel is a pretty cool medium… as long as it stays on the paper.
It was supposed to be a sketch request… But he looked so pretty.
Pretty FAT!
suggestive130616 artist:white-eyed vireo45 derpibooru exclusive24759 oc614897 oc only411712 oc:shining aurora8 pony866885 beach13528 belly25332 bhm1355 bingo wings1806 button popping192 chubby12863 chubby cheeks3240 clothes418531 dialogue60060 double chin1510 drawing4106 fat20335 fat fetish1233 fetish35906 hawaiian shirt393 male337583 morbidly obese7082 obese10522 rolls of fat1492 shirt21947 stuffed1502 sunset4773 traditional art109974 wardrobe malfunction4706


not provided yet


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