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Today we lost a colleague, a saviour of lives, a hero. Today I lost a friend.
Friends in healthcare, doctors and nurses, and friends on the frontlines, please, look after yourselves and look after one another, as you would look after your patients. Give each other kindness, generosity, loyalty, openness, courage, and most importantly, friendship. Because, as I found out today, we simply cannot know how much time we may have left with one another.
Friends everywhere, please, please stay at home, please practice social distancing, please stay safe, especially this Easter. In doing so you will keep our friends fighting on the frontlines safe. If your efforts can help ensure this battle does not claim even one life more, then you would have won the war.


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This Memorial Day, remember all of the soldiers who died to secure the safety and liberty of their fellow citizens. All of them. We are fighting a war today against an invisible enemy with no flag, no army, and no armaments, but it is slaughtering so many people… so while Memorial Day is intended to celebrate those in the armed services, this year it is especially important that we honor ALL fallen heroes.
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….and don’t work as a nurse in both a nursery home and a hospital because if you infested in the hospital than you can bring the virus into the nursery home.
I work in a nursery home for handicapped people and yesterday our headmistress told one of our nurse worked in a hospital too and she is tested positive for coronavirus and now we are waiting and hoping no one was infected as the first test was negative for everyone sofar.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

Effervescent uni
I’ve worked in clinical laboratory sciences for twenty years. It’s a fine line we walk between empathic compassion and clinical detachment and sometimes it wears on you. Thank you for such beautiful art it’s a nice time out from the stresses of all aspects of life.
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Suigin Migasuto
Artist -

She put her life on the line everyday, trying to save people. She may seem like she’s gone now. But I’m sure that she’s still defending lives from the other side. We help the ones who lost their lives by continuing their fight. And living for them. All of you who are on the front lines, defending those who can’t, are heroes. ❤️
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I am so sorry for the loss, Manifest Harmony. And to all of those who lost someone in these recent times.
The world will be saved because of these people who risk their lives everyday, and we must never forget that heros that give up so much for us. Let us help them out in everyway we can.
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Background Pony #B798
*I’m sorry. You guys need more credit for what you do. You guys are on the front lines saving lives. God bless you all, and your families.
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Nazi's are censorship
Sorry for your loss, the wake of recent events is indeed painful but with people like you spreading awareness and safetyness to others, you can definitely make a difference in this crisis.  
(I have faith in you :3)
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My condolences. It’s never easy losing a loved one. We have to be strong for them. The push to drive forward is within us all and can never be quashed.
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