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Read it to her? Pretty please with friendship on top? :D
safe1709268 artist:badumsquish1969 derpibooru exclusive28433 twilight sparkle300676 alicorn224996 pony970382 adorkable3533 badumsquish is trying to murder us166 bed41015 begging965 behaving like a dog1363 book33531 bookhorse564 cute200228 daaaaaaaaaaaw3913 dork3805 female1365728 golden oaks library5103 head tilt1059 high angle209 hnnng2435 looking at you169127 looking up16527 mare482028 mouth hold17530 nom3055 offscreen character34275 pov14041 puppy dog eyes734 raised hoof45802 show accurate15577 sitting63408 smiling249308 solo1066139 story in the comments734 that pony sure does love books1150 twiabetes11789 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123818 weapons-grade cute3700


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"…Triggered by the separation of the strong nuclear force, the universe undergoes an extremely rapid exponential expansion, known as cosmic inflation. The linear dimensions of the early universe increases during this period of a tiny fraction of a second by a factor of at least 10^26 to around 10 centimeters (about the size of a grapefruit). The elementary particles remaining from the Grand Unification Epoch (a hot, dense quark-gluon plasma, sometimes known as “quark soup”) become distributed very thinly across the universe…"

"Anon,could you please read me the part about the Grand Unification Epoch again? I love that part…"


"Can you make the WOOSH noises of symmetry-breaking and maybe the little CRACKCRACKCRACK noise when space-time defects first became apparent?"

"That's my little Hawking. Sure thing."


This is so adorable I feel like I'm going to have an adorable heart attack from the adorableness. Which is nice, because that means I don't die of the plague.

Tennessee Hillbilly
@Background Pony #2C2A
Usually when you see a reply to a comment with only the word "This", it's another way of saying something like "I concur" or "I agree".

In other words I would be happy to read a book out loud to Twiggles if she agreed to sit in my lap and let me pet her.
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Well that's okay, she'll be happy to read it to you this time. You just have to read next time :D

Aww you're welcome :D

Thanks. I was heavily inspired by this image; you could more or less consider mine to be a pov version :D

Lined with wax for the drool, too XD

@Background Pony #BD06
I might do a couple more, but likely not a whole series :D

@Background Pony #2C2A
That's not the book she wants you to read. That's the book she wants you to read FIRST :P
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Background Pony #4C0F
Only one book? …… The real twilight would want you to read multiple books
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