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Artwork of Rainbow Dash for my comic project "THE MOST POWERFUL ADVENTURE" based on TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (Hasbro)

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suggestive145398 artist:ahekao206 pinkie pie218122 semi-anthro13411 comic:the most powerful adventure27 arm hooves6545 balloonbutt4246 bubblegum1265 butt62109 clothes466917 digital art19415 female1380682 food71445 gum1103 gun16140 looking at you171984 looking back58644 looking back at you15324 plot80466 weapon30905 wedgie1521


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Nah, there's a mod for Fallout 4 that adds it in. The receiver has a very unique mechanism that looks great in first person, so it's a very visually interesting weapon for the player to use, and that makes it a lot more memorable. (At the very least, that's where I know it from.)

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Complete fool for pegas
Can someone explain why a WW1 weapon like the Sjögren seems so popular lately?

Was it on some new fangled FPS game? xD
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